I love cookbooks.    When I can afford it, I probably buy one a month.   Now that I can buy them with the click of a button, it's become a rather expensive habit!   But, I read them like novels, cover to cover and over the years I've filled notebooks with recipes that catch my eye My collection is proudly displayed in my kitchen.  It's a reflection of where I'm most currently finding passion and inspiration.  In my Mother's cookbooks we still sometimes find little notes and scraps of paper that I inserted during my teenage years, when the obsession first began.  To be fair, I came by it honestly.  Those same page stained cookbooks are also filled with my Mother's little notes.  Beautiful handwritten notes like "substitute half butter for yogurt to lower fat", "Delicious!"  and "Great for a group!" adorn the pages of many of our family's time tested favourite cookbooks.   

Eventually I'd like to fill the site with more comprehensive cookbook reviews, but for now, here's a link to some of my favourite cookbook authors.  

Kim Boyce
Amy Chaplin
Sarah Forte
Ina Garten
Suzanne Goin
Megan Gordon
Anna Jones
Trish Magwood
Jamie Oliver
Yotam Ottolenghi
Deb Perelman
Nigel Slater
Heidi Swanson
Alice Waters