"Everything in moderation, including moderation"
 - Oscar Wilde

Hi, I'm Alli and I love cooking .  I love eating plants, whole grains, butter and cheese. Sometimes breakfast is  a green smoothie and sometimes it 's cake. Maybe the cake is a wholesome creation of whole grains and  fruit or maybe it's  a classic cake made with the bakers holy trinity of butter, flour and sugar.  But no matter what  I'm making, I gratefully eat it too. 

After decades of cooking and contemplating personal and social issues around food, I have come to believe that different foods fuel different individual needs depending on our health, mood and activities, and our seasonal and economic realities. Food should nourish us both physically and emotionally - leaving us full and satisfied not bloated and stressed out .  And nobody should spend their days hungry or with limited access to healthy food.  Because we live in a world fraught with food fads, social pressures, social inequality and an environmentally unsustainable food system this is far too often not the case

So, this blog is my way of making a small, positive contribution towards a more sustainable food system,  where everyone defines their own honest, happy and healthy relationship to food.  I'll share with you my journey which mostly includes making food for my partner and our two young kids  ages 5 and 7 .  I'll post seasonal family favourites, healthy whole foods, decadent indulgences and  passionate, amateur musings from a dedicated home cook and food lover.